We asked a simple question when setting up the camp: would we be excited to stay here ourselves, either for a weekend of climbing hard or for a full season of projecting?

We think we’ve found the middle ground with accommodation that is comfortable enough to stay in for as long as you want, but priced well enough to be affordable for climbers across the world.

Every tent comes with an airbed, a real pillow, a high quality sleeping bag and a handy LED lantern. Rest assured, this will be one of the most comfortable camping experiences you’ve ever had!

We have a limited capacity and only accept advanced bookings, make sure that you book ahead to secure your place. We don’t want you to arrive and have nowhere to sleep!


Small Tent: Sleeps 1

A two man tent with a single airbed, 1 sleeping bag, 1 pillow and an LED lantern.

These tents will comfortably sleep one person with room for their bag and gear.

Our tents are high quality and are pitched under large trees to ensure shade in the mornings, nobody likes waking up in a sweaty tent! The weather in climbing season is cool enough to mean that you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep.

200THB per night

Large Tent: Sleeps 2

A three man tent with a large double airbed, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows and an LED lantern.

These tents will comfortably sleep two people with room for bags. Suitable for couples and friends alike!

Our tents are high quality and are pitched under large trees to ensure shade in the mornings, nobody likes waking up in a sweaty tent! The weather in climbing season is cool enough to mean that you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep.

300THB per night


Luxury Tent: Sleeps 2-4

A luxury four man tent with a large sleeping area and a second room out front to relax in, spacious enough for an average height person to stand up.

Equipped with a large double airbed, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows and an LED lantern, plus Thai-style cushions in the front room. This is the option for those who want a home away from home but still want the camping experience. Lots of space, super comfortable sleeping facilities and a separate area to relax in private – this is luxury camping at its finest.

More airbeds/sleeping bags available for an additional fee, please contact us about this.

480THB per night

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there?

There’s a minivan (the locals call these “Lrot Doo”) that runs from Mo Chit in Bangkok to Sikhio main town which takes 2-3 hours and normally costs around 350THB.   The name of the bus terminal that this departs from is Bangkok Bus Terminal Chatuchak, but some taxi drivers may know it as Mo Chit 2 (new).  The bus terminal is a short taxi ride away from Mo Chit BTS Station, and also not far from Don Muang airport.  On arrival to Sikhio, you’ll need to get a local Song Taew (pronounced “Song Tow”: a pick up truck that acts as a taxi in more rural areas of Thailand) to take you towards Wat Khao Chan Ngam (a well known temple near the camp, this will be back a short way along the main road from Bangkok).  When the Song Taew turns off of the main road, you’ll need to keep your eye out for a small restaurant with a bright green house next to it on your left – the camp is located here (should be under a minute up the road once you’ve turned off, don’t go all of the way up the road to the temple).  There are detailed directions from Bangkok in the guidebook (link in useful links at the bottom of the page), you’ll again need to be heading toward Wat Khao Chan Ngam.  You could also take a train from Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok to Sikhio (the north eastern line), though this normally takes longer than the minivan.  You can alternatively ask a taxi to take you the whole way, from Bangkok direct to the camp, though this will be pricey.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding us, or help getting from the town to the camp.

How's the weather?

We open during the peak climbing season, which is when the weather is at its driest and coolest.  If you’re acclimatised to Asian heat, nights can actually feel a little cold, and are more than comfortable to sleep in without a fan or air conditioning.  Our tents are pitched under the shade of trees so that the rising sun doesn’t cook you in the morning!  Climbing temperatures will be as good as they get in Thailand, giving you the best chance possible to send that sloper project you’ve got your eye on!

What are the food options?

We have an authentic local restaurant on site that will provide you with high quality Thai food.  The restaurant is able to cater for vegetarians, and we can try to help you avoid dairy too if you so wish. Please be aware that while Thais are happy to remove the meat from a dish, sometimes they don’t consider removing fish sauce (which is an integral flavour in Thai cuisine) as necessary for vegetarianism!  However, we’ll help you as best we can to stick to our dietary choices. The local town is about 15 minutes away by car or motorbike and has a small selection of restaurants, as well as a fantastic local market.

What dangers do we need to be aware of?

The usual dangers of bouldering apply; as with all climbing, the sport can result in serious injury or death. Jungle Boulders does not carry any liability for any accidents that you may have while you are out climbing (either on your own or with one of our guides), or while you are at the camp. We strongly recommend that you have health/travel insurance that covers you for everything you might need including climbing accidents. There are a range of dangerous insects and animals in the jungle: though they are rarely encountered, we recommend that you are always aware of your surroundings and keep your eye out to be sure you’re not disturbing nests or sleeping places of the local fauna. For example, be careful when moving rocks to clear landings – resting scorpions or snakes can sometimes be found under these. Again, it is rare to encounter these creatures, but you should always be aware of the potential.

What equipment do I need?

We sell chalk and rent boulder pads. You’ll need to bring your own climbing shoes and your own chalk bag. It’s recommended that you bring some brushes for cleaning holds or opening new problems as well. As is often the case with this type of sandstone, some of the holds will require the best friction possible, so a good clean before your attempt to send a problem is always a good thing! If you are part of one of our guided groups, we will provide you with chalk and mats.

What else is there to do when I'm not bouldering?

When you’re not climbing, there are a few things you can do in the local area, as well as places that can be visited within a day or by taking a couple of days out from bouldering (we all need to rest our muscles and let some skin grow back eventually). At the top of the road we’re based on, there’s a beautiful temple with ancient cave paintings amongst some incredible rock formations. Along the main road there’s another stunning temple that has been built in recent years with beautiful grounds and incredible architecture. Khao Yai, a large national park complete with wild elephants, rainforest walks and night safaris, is only around an hour away. Our friends at Nam Pha Pa Yai sport climbing camp are only around an hour and a half away. Ayutthaya, the ancient Thai capital full of 800-year-old Khmer architecture, is a couple of hours drive from the bouldering. You could also use your rest days to explore the surrounding areas for new boulders or entire new sectors to open: there’s a lot of yet to be discovered and yet to be climbed rock in the area. There’s all this and more – we’re located in a beautiful part of Thailand!

How many problems/routes are there?

There’s currently 350+ problems across six sectors opened, with lots of potential for further development.

How far from is the camp from the boulders?

The nearest sectors are 3KM away (about half hour walk), with the furthest being about 5.5KM away. All are walkable if you’re tough and can bear the heat but we recommend taking a Song Thaew or motorbike to the upper sectors.

Is there a guidebook?

There’s a rough guide book available here:  There’s also some information and topos on One of our objectives for the first season of the camp being open is to get every problem documented with photos and topos. If you open new problems while you’re staying with us, please do let us know!

Am I able to secure my valuables?

Our tents do not come with padlocks, if you wish to lock your tent, we recommend bringing your own padlock. We are able to lock your valuables in the small wooden bungalow that we stay in ourselves, which we lock whenever we’re not around. Jungle Boulders will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of goods while you are staying with us, be it from your tent, from the bouldering areas, from our bungalow or anywhere else.

How do I book to stay with you?

Please either contact us via or via our Facebook page. Note that we accept advanced bookings only.

Do you accept credit and debit card?

We do not currently have a credit or debit card system, we accept cash only. Note that there is not a cash point/ATM within walking distance of the camp, the nearest ATM is in Sikhio town (where the minibus and train stop).

I have a question that's not listed here...

Feel free to drop us a note via email (, the Contact Us form or the Facebook page ( We’re always happy to help!